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SUNDAY back!

Unique in Cannes! Enjoy a delicious Sunday Brunch in Cannes only private dining room.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, a meet-up with friends and family or just a pleasant start to a lazy weekend, Sunday Brunch is a meal for relaxation and good company. 

Bring your friends and family for a brunch Cote d'Azur style and enjoy good food in a laid back atmosphere.

Enjoy a warm welcome and a taste of Cote d'Azur living.

Our menus offers a selection of delectable dishes depending on the season. The menu varies weekly and can include one of these dishes such as pain perdu et coupe de fruits to a Salade Nicoise, sweet crepes with nutella, scrambled eggs, oeufs en coccotte made

with fresh farm eggs or smoked salmon with mustard & honey dill dressing.

As part of our standard brunch menu, we serve fresh buttery croissants with a selection of delicious homemade marmalades, farm butter and a big cup of "Cafe au lait" brewed from a special melange - selection Torréfacteur - or a cup of fine Earl Grey/Rooibos tea. 

Please note that our brunch menus change weekly depending on the season and the chefs choice.

Price: € 32,- p.p. (wine nor champagne included)

Sunday's only from 11.30 to 14.30 (Advanced reservations only)

Our dining room can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.